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Furniture Care

Quality furniture requires only the minimum of care to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

The following are simple rules

Wood furniture: We recommend dusting wood pieces on a regular basis with a soft lift free cloth.  The most common cause of scratches is moving items across the top of a table that doesn’t a clean surface.  Even a small amount of grit can cause scratches. Interested customers can avail finance from Unsecuredloans4u.co.uk when buying the furniture.

  • You need to avoid placing your wood furniture or bright colored upholstery in direct sunlight (such as a large bay window).  Ultra violet light can fade colors.  Red and deep Blues will fade the quickest.
  • Don’t expose wood furniture to temperature or humidity extremes.  These can cause wood to shirk or swell causing cracking and opening of the furniture joints.
  • Dining tables need to be protected with a table pad.  Avoid using plastic or vinyl plate matts directly on the table as they can trap moisture and damage the tabletop.  Use water very sparingly to clean.  Never leave a table pad on the table for extended period of time.
  • Do not drag your furniture, lift and place; even inches can damage some items.



Rotate and fluff cushions and pillow periodically

  • Vacuum upholstery regularly, dust grit can “grind” into fabric with normal usage and greatly reduce the life of the fabric.
  • The zippers placed on cushions are easy of assembly not for customer removal to clean.  Never place an upholstery cushion casing in the washing machine.
  • Food stains need to be cleaned as soon as possible.  Blot; do not rub across a fabric that has been stained.  Blot up stains with a clean dry white cloth, do not use a damp cloth   check the fabric cleaning code and follow the instructions.  (It is important to know the cleaning code)

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